Any  week now we’re going to see David Petraeus’ spartan  visage on the cover of  Time or  Newsweek   — certainly The Weekly Standard — with a cut-line proclaiming him  the GOP’s Great White Hope for 2012.  That  Petraeus  has done nothing to discourage this sort of  speculation is a given.  The General didn’t show  up  for  accolades  and applause from a fawning AEI  audience a few weeks ago because  he doesn’t like the Washington spotlight.  But before the start of a lemming rush to launch a Draft Dave movement in the Republican heartland, a few questions are in order.  For instance:

What will Candidate Petraeus have to say when asked by inquiring reporters or town-hallers,   “How do you stand on the Value Added Tax?”   or “Do you favor repeal of the Jones Act?”  or  “Are you for a constitutional  amendment  to ban abortion or should it be left to the states?”

Then there’s the matter of  the uniform coming off,  along with the aura that goes with it.  Gripping stories about  the Surge in Iraq are likely to wear thin after the first week in New Hampshire , and as far as Afghanistan is concerned, history tells us that an Army General’s best shot at getting elected President is to win a war.   Sorry, “The Washington  politicians tied my hands and wouldn’t let me win” excuse won’t cut it.   (Reference:  Douglas MacArthur.)