Quote of the Week (Washington Wisdom) Sunday, Jan 16 2011 

“I have never yet read a memorandum of conversation in which the writer comes off second best.”

— Dean Acheson

Old Gambler’s Proverb Sunday, Dec 12 2010 

“There is nothing so uncertain as a dead sure thing.”

–George M. Cohan

Advice to Wikileaking U.S. Diplomats Tuesday, Dec 7 2010 

“Don’t write anything you can talk, don’t talk anything you can nod, don’t  nod anything you can wink.”

— Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long, circa 1955

Rhetoric Americana Wednesday, Nov 17 2010 

“I am a rube of the rubes. The odor of the barnyard is on me yet. I have greased my hair with goose grease, wiped my proboscis with a gunny-sack towel, drunk coffee out of my saucer, and eaten with my knife. I have said ‘I done it’ when I should have said ‘did it’, and ‘I have saw’ when I should have said ‘I have seen,’ and I expect to go to heaven just the same.”

WHO SAID IT? Choose One of Three:

(a) Alaska’s Joe Miller, circa 2010; (b) Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, circa 2008; (c) Evangelist Billy Sunday, circa 1925.

Answer: (c)


Sports Quote of the Week Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

“Ninety percent of the colleges are abiding by the NCAA rules, doing things right. The other ten percent are going to bowl games.”

University of Cincinnati coach Tony Mason (1975)

Advice for a Wide-Eyed Electorate Friday, Oct 15 2010 

“Don’t trust nobody but your mama.  Even then, look at her real good.”

— Bo Diddley

The more things change…. Tuesday, Oct 5 2010 

“Never could notoriety exist as it does now, in any former age of the world, now that the news of the hour from all parts of the world, private news as well as public, is brought day by day to every individual  . . .  by processes so uniform, so unvarying, so spontaneous, that they almost bear the semblance of natural law.”

— John Cardinal Newman (1849)

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