Report From Trump’s Alt-Reich (4) Thursday, Mar 2 2017 

About Van Jones’ fawning praise of Tuesday night’s congressional speech:
Good career move. He’ll now be invited to lunch at the White House, lock in his
contract at CNN, and join Ben Carson and Don King as one of the Madman of
Mar-a-Lago’s favorite members of “those people.”

CNN discrimination Tuesday, Oct 5 2010 

As a Southerner inured to Eastern media ridicule whenever one of our   politicians embarrasses himself and his state, I confess to a certain degree of satisfaction when reading about New York’s inability to find a governor or gubernatorial candidate who isn’t a socks-wearing adulterer, a crony-favoring incompetent, or an e-mailing idiot. That said, why is it our Southern scumbags are discriminated against by the cable networks? Now that Eliot Spitzer has been redeemed, when, I want to know, is CNN going to offer David Vitter a prime-time spot as a news anchor?