According to The Wall Street Journal, we’re acting like a nation of wimps. The Japanese are standing “cool amid the chaos” of the nuclear breakdown at Fukushima while the American people are anything but.

Following the Journal’s lead, a bipartisan coalition of the country’s leaders spoke up to say there’s no need to worry about building nuclear plants near population centers or the San Andreas fault. All that’s required to prevent another Three Mile Island, said House Speaker John Boehner, is to copy the French in setting high safety standards.

You read it right, the French – what Boehner in former days referred to as the Euro-socialist “surrender monkey” French. So much for what’s left of his favorability numbers with the Tea Party crowd.

Worse than lining up with the French, however, the Speaker’s rush to defend the nuclear energy industry puts him side by side not only with Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid but the Kenyan Muslim impostor who currently inhabits the White House. [more….] (more…)