Where There’s a Will…. Friday, Jul 3 2015 

What follows is perhaps better suited to a column by a media critic, but since George Will seems beyond their reach…

This is the second presidential election in which Will’s wife is involved as an employee of a particular candidate; which, as Richard Nixon would say, is her perfect right. However….

In his column of July 2, the Washington Post columnist excoriated Ted Cruz for his stand on a constitutional issue, writing that “some candidates are becoming too unhinged to be plausible as conservative presidents” – a thrust obviously calculated to draw conservative primary voters away from Cruz to some other candidate; after which came the line: “Disclosure: This columnist’s wife, Mari Will, works for Scott Walker.”

Oh. I guess that makes whatever Will writes about other candidates in the next sixteen months perfectly acceptable; at least as far as the Post’s editorial ethicists are concerned. Presumably the rest of us are expected to believe – given “disclosure” and all – that George and his wife have separate bank accounts.

Sound bite to remember

“We’re all hustlers. We’re as honest as we can afford to be.”

         –Lenny Bruce

GOP R.I.P. – Just the Ticket Wednesday, Oct 9 2013 

Six years ago a veteran Washington sage presciently predicted that the Republican Party as he knew it was in its death throes. Well, not that presciently. What our sage observer didn’t foresee was that the party would die a slow death preceded by the onset of dementia.

Too bad. A quick departure, like the Whigs in the 1850s, might have changed the political order without corrupting the system that made our country, in the words of our first Republican president, “the last best hope of earth.”

As things stand in this autumn of our discontent, the lingering corpus of the party of Lincoln is doing his country more harm than good. So much so that it’s time, a veteran Washington sage might say, to either cure or kill the patient. No half-measures, no life support. For 2016, whatever the opposition, let the Republican national ticket be Rand Paul for President and Ted Cruz for Vice President – or vice versa, whatever the kookery of the Tea Party  decides.

PAUL-CRUZ. Just the ticket to clear the air and keep everybody happy: The Democrats because they’d get four more years in the White House; the Tea Party kooks because, after all those years of mealy-mouthed nominees like Mitt Romney, they’d finally won the day (though losing the election because of a backstabbing coalition of party traitors and the pro-Muslim media). But most important for the future, the liberated conservatives who could, like the one-time Whigs of Lincoln’s day, move on to form a New Republican Party of responsible opposition.

Sound bite to remember

“A poker-playing, whisky-drinking, evil old man.”

–Union leader John L. Lewis on Vice President John Nance Garner, back in the good old days when political discourse was civil